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Elite Sounds has established itself as one of the most skilled, entertaining and original event DJ companies in Kansas City. Our team of seasoned DJs ARE the difference. All Elite DJs have a minimum of 5 years of experience and most have 8 plus years of experience. This means they have been a part of hundreds of wedding receptions and entertained tens of thousands of wedding guests over the years.

THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PARTY YOU WILL EVER THROW!!……..just know that our experienced team has the knowledge to guide you every step of the way. Schedule a complimentary planning session and we’ll provide you with the information guaranteed to maximize your investment, and ensure your guests have the night of their lives!


needing top notch coordination?

During cocktails, dinner, and the formalities portion of the night, Elite DJs will work tirelessly to execute your timeline to perfection.  We work closely with our couples to create time lines for the night, and most importantly execute them in such a way that the night flows seamlessly.  Our DJs realize that receptions are two fold;   professionalism, organization, and coordination during the first part of the night, and creating high levels of energy on the dance floor during the second part.


less talking and more dancing?

Elite Sounds specializes in providing tactful and professional emcees that know how to facilitate the nights events, and engage your crowd without becoming the center of attention. Our DJs will be on the microphone ONLY if there is a reason to be. This means introductions, keeping your crowd aware of the formalities taking place and guiding the night in an effortless manner when needed. Once we have completed formalities, you can expect your DJ to entertain with music as opposed to the microphone.


We’ve got you covered!! Our DJs have true Elite abilities. Our roster of seasoned mix DJ’s is made up by a group of highly-experienced musical creatives who know how to deliver authentic and energized receptions tailored to all kinds of preferences. Different from others, mix DJ's focus on artfully fusing a range of genres throughout an event in order to maintain a high level of energy on the dance floor - no iTunes playlist button pushers here :)


kc vendors love us!

KC’s Preferred DJ Choice

Elite Sounds IS a trusted name in the wedding community! Dozens of venues and other wedding professionals throughout the city direct their couples to work with the team at Elite. The reason is simple…..we strive for perfection at each event we are apart of. While executing the vision of our brides + grooms is top priority, we understand that no wedding is possible without the help and seamless coordination of other vendors.

Elite has become an entrusted source from our peers due to our reputation of success, professionalism, and desire to create the best receptions in Kansas City over the years!