Top 10 Wedding Introduction Songs For Kansas City Weddings


Your guests have consumed several of your signature cocktails and now are getting amped up for what is surely to be an amazing night! As cocktail hour comes to a close, the preparations for your grand entrance are in full effect. The DJ is lining up the bridal party, going over name pronunciations and giving further instructions. Before you know it, the doors open, and all guests eyes are on you. This is the moment that will set the tone for the entire night.

……the music needs to be perfect! That’s why we are here to help!

What you choose will ultimately be determined by the overall vibe and guest experience you are shooting for. Below we have listed some top rated tracks to get you thinking, and get you a little closer to that final decision.

Now, this list is just the top 10 most requested in 2018 by brides across the country. There are many more options to consider if none of these fit the bill for you. Remember, it’s not just about the song that is played that makes your introduction a success, it’s also how it is played, and emceed. I know, it’s a lot to think about. Let us guide you. Click below to schedule a quick phone conversation. We will walk you through a simple planning process guaranteed to produce one of the most exciting receptions your guests have ever attended.

Top 100 Most Requested DO NOT PLAY Songs Requested For Weddings (2018)

do not play.jpeg

You’re in charge of giving your DJ the perfect playlist for your upcoming reception. Will the songs you picked tank, or bring the masses to the dance floor? It’s a struggle every bride and groom face as they prepare for the big day. Just know if you are working with Elite Sounds, we will guide this process for you to ensure that your list is on point and sure to please the masses. How do we know what will work? We have literally entertained tens of thousands of people over the years and have seen the good, the bad, and the worst :)

Speaking of the worst……we have attached a list of the TOP 100 MOST REQUESTED DO NOT PLAY SONGS for weddings. How did these become the Most Requested Do Not Plays you ask? They are calculated from millions of requests made from brides and grooms as they plan their reception music.

Now, if you find some of your favorite songs on the list DON’T WORRY!! There are some tracks on here that you’ll see on the Top 100 Most Requested Playlist as well. Many couples hear the same songs over and over at weddings they attend, then when they get engaged, they decide to completely break the mold and go against the wedding music status quo; eliminating wedding standards from their list. Just know that a lot of these do not plays actually work! But, many are also seen as extremely cheesy and cliche. Whatever you choose, as long as your guests are participating, and the overall vibe fits your style, then everything will be okay ;)

As always, if you would like to talk through your playlist in more detail or need anything else entertainment related, we are a phone call away.

Top 100 Most Requested Do Not Play Songs 1_30.jpg
Top 100 Most Requested Do Not Play Songs 31_70.jpg
DJ Intelligence Top 100 Do Not Play 71_100.jpg

"You Were Invested In Us Having A Good Time"

Shauna and Trevor couldn't believe the energy of their guests and reception. DJ Tim provided in-depth planning to get to know Shauna and Trevor, utilized what he learned at the event and then delivered big on a dance floor that few of their friends will soon forget.

The Perfect Blend of Music

Jory and Steven were so happy they chose Elite Sounds to DJ their wedding. DJ Francisco was able to seamlessly mix their requests with their guests' requests for optimum dance floor success! #elitesoundskc

Top 10 First Dance Songs For Kansas City Brides

Kansas City Wedding DJ Foundation Event Space

You will dance with your partner many times throughout your life. However, your first dance will certainly hold the most significance! All eyes will be on you as you take the stage with your partner. Are you prepared? Do you have the perfect song picked out?

As wedding DJ’s, we believe that every couple should have a memorable first dance! That’s why we have compiled a list of the TOP 10 most requested first dance songs to help with your wedding planning.

Your first dance deserves to be a one of a kind experience! Use this list as a guide, but know we are here to help provide endless ideas if you’re searching for something a little different.

Are you ready to book a wedding DJ for your Kansas City reception? If so, let us provide advice that we have gained entertaining at thousands of wedding receptions over the years. Click HERE to set a time to talk!

Best of luck with your planning, and we look forward to hearing from you!

We Wanted A DJ That Actually Cared

Anitra and Dom laid out that they wanted a DJ that could deliver with a diverse crowd, facilitate the night from start to finish and still make the event special to them. They were so grateful they went with Elite Sounds and we are honored to have been the DJ for these two awesome people.

Memorable for Family and Friends

Kimberlee & Brandon's expectations were passed (and some!) when Elite Sounds came through big on their wedding day. Now the biggest day of their lives will be remembered as one of the best parties of their (and their family and friends') lives.

Some KC DJ Companies Cost More Than Others? Why?

“Why is this DJ company $1000 and that one is $500. I just need a DJ. What’s the difference?” We understand that weddings and other events can be crazy expensive. But if that expense is a direct correlation to the amount of fun your guests will have then isn’t the extra money worth it? I mean, not to point out the obvious, but this is the most expensive party you’ll ever plan right?. That means it has to be great! There are many reasons that companies price points differ. In this video we highlight one main reason that no one ever considers.

The Perfect Storm For Blending Our Families

Carmen and Vincent had a unique taste in music. Elite Sounds pulled through in playing music that was special to them and that would keep the party moving. #elitesoundskc

Making Your Vision Happen

Allie and Anthony's main priority for their reception was an active dance floor. Elite Sounds was able to structure their evening to get the formalities completed in a timely manner so they could spend the rest of their night dancing with their friends and family.

Everyone Keeps Talking About How Much Fun They Had

Casie and David were amazed to see the difference an experienced DJ makes. They were able to celebrate their special day so much better with music that created energy and kept the dance floor on their toes (and out of their seats).

Making Sure Your Vision Happens

Elite Sounds was able to provide the level of customer service that Jacob and Megan were looking for. From a conversational and interactive photo booth attendant to a DJ that was able to lead all of the guests in a dance that was the highlight of the evening.

Now Hiring - Photo Booth Attendants

This is your chance to snag a fun part-time weekend gig!

We are looking for Photo Booth Attendants to operate our state of the art Photo Booths at weddings, corporate events and private events. If you are outgoing, detail oriented and know how to create a fun atmosphere for clients, then click below to apply!

Creating Vibe...... Music Secrets To Create The Perfect Atmosphere

"Rat Pack + Jazz Are Great
...but I want something different for my cocktail music!"

if the sentiment above describes you, then you were destined to see this blog post today. :)  While traditional styles typically played during cocktail hour work great, and make sense for the right atmosphere, they definitely are not a "one size fits all" genre when it comes to fitting the atmosphere of many of today's venues.

If Your Venue Were A Song, What Would It Sound Like?

Okay, the question is weird, but think about it!  The venue, decor, and music all brand your event a particular way.  And that WAY should be cohesive! 

Confused?...Let's Check Out A Couple Of Examples Below.

Check out The Gallery Event Space in Power & Light.  What are some words that come to mind?  Modern, trendy, minimalistic? DEFINITELY!.....which is why a cocktail hour in this space should resemble the same feel.

This playlist was created for the trendy rooms of Kansas City.  You'll hear some housey / jazz sounds that are a perfect fit for events needing the cocktail hour to be uniquely different :)  It's definitely not for every person or venue, but if used correctly, your guests will take notice and appreciate the atmosphere you have created.

Ultra Lounge Cocktail Playlist


An Elite Sounds favorite.... Foundation Event Space in the historic KC West Bottoms.  What words can be used to describe the character of this space?  Rustic, a hint of industrial, eclectic with a true hipsteresque (is this even a word?) vibe?  

Yet another playlist that defies the norm to provide a truly unique feel for a venue with this much character.  While it's not the only style that makes sense, it's definitely one that has not been played out, or a part of every other event that your guests have attended recently.  

Indie / Alternative Cocktail Playlist


Need More Help Creating The Perfect Playlist For Your Event?

We are here to help!!  If you need to have a quick conversation over the phone, or want to come in for a consultation to talk through your event in more detail, LET US KNOW!  We are super laid back, and have advice that has come through performing at thousands of events over the years. 

Making A Noon Wedding Come Alive


Bailey and Blake wanted someone that could make their midday reception dance floor come alive. They were ecstatic to see their family and friends enjoying themselves after they chose Elite Sounds.

Lighting for Any Occasion

At Elite Sounds, we pride ourselves on our state of the art lighting that can suit a number of different occasions.

  • Uplighting can add a beautiful ambiance to a venue for a wedding, project company colors at a corporate party or fade between colors for an energetic prom.
  • Pin Spots can highlight your table centerpieces, a presentation, dessert table, head table or any stationary item that you don't want in the dark once the dance floor opens.
  • Intelligent Lighting (or moving head lights) move around the room to create an exciting dance experience. They can also be used before the dance floor opens to spotlight introductions, a speaker or cake table. Or projected with light moving gobos on the wall for a modern cocktail hour.
  • Our Orbs have the ability to stay on one static color, fade between colors or snap to different colors. They are waterproof and therefore make for very fashionable additions to pool parties. They also could be incorporated throughout a modern event as decorations, centerpieces or hung from the ceiling by a string.
  • Custom Monograms put a unique signature on your event. You could do initials for behind the head table of a wedding, a company logo for a corporate retreat or a mascot for homecoming. The customization makes the options endless.

Check out some of the ways we have used our lighting below and let us know if you would like to recreate something or do something new for your event! Contact us today.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.59.03 AM.png

Professional DJs To Create The Perfect Atmosphere


After seeing Elite Sounds at another event, Beth & Zach decided we were the right fit for their event. A relentless dance floor and perfectly executed timeline were proof that they made the right decision for what they wanted at their wedding.

The Wedding Workout Playlist

The Wedding Workout Playlist

Your wedding is coming up soon! Here is a playlist of upbeat music for your workout. We included some wedding hits along with current hits to keep you moving!

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