"The Elite DJ Company in KC"

elite sounds DJ Services

Elite Sounds specializes in modern and innovative music for all event types. Our roster of seasoned mix DJ’s is made up by a group of highly-experienced musical creatives who know how to deliver authentic and energized events tailored to all kinds of preferences. Different from others, mix DJ's focus on artfully fusing a range of genres throughout an event in order to maintain a high level of energy on the dance floor - no iTunes playlist button pushers here :) Our knowledge of facilitating an event to perfection, and reading a crowd to get the most participation possible, goes a long way when it comes to throwing the perfect party. Each Elite Sounds DJ's versatility gives him the ability to understand different music styles, find the balance between them, and finally, execute your vision, your way.


Just because you love the person you’re marrying doesn’t mean you have to love their music. Each of ESEG’s mix DJ’s have years of experience designing and customizing reception playlists and entertainment packages artfully blending a range of genres and preferences – often leaving both bride and groom thinking they got the better end of the deal.


Want to throw a holiday party that’s more than a chance for your employees to drink for free? Together, we can create an experience. Our team of DJ’s and event specialists have worked with some of KC’s top corporations to design entertainment packages representing each brands’ mission and commitment to its employees, which after all is no more evident than by throwing the best party ever.

High School

ESEG DJ’s love performing for students around KC who are celebrating Prom, Homecoming and other major moments. Our guys are able to keep the energy high and the music exciting by mixing all different genres.