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Some KC DJ Companies Cost More Than Others? Why?

“Why is this DJ company $1000 and that one is $500. I just need a DJ. What’s the difference?” We understand that weddings and other events can be crazy expensive. But if that expense is a direct correlation to the amount of fun your guests will have then isn’t the extra money worth it? I mean, not to point out the obvious, but this is the most expensive party you’ll ever plan right?. That means it has to be great! There are many reasons that companies price points differ. In this video we highlight one main reason that no one ever considers.

Quick Tip - The Bar

SHUTTING DOWN THE BAR..... can increase the number of guests who dance at your reception. Check out this quick video to find out why!

Quick Tip - How Long Your Reception Should Last

Want to plan the perfect reception? The length of the night is a big part of making your event a success. Check out this quick tip on how long your reception should last. Find more tips here.

Quick Tip - Uplighting

Not all lighting is created equal. Know the important questions to ask to get the most out of your uplighting.

Quick Tip - Individual vs. Company

Does your DJ company have a good roster or just one shining star? Be sure to look into your DJ company's reviews to determine if they are a good match for your event, whether DJ #1 shows up or DJ #9.

Quick Tip - Guest Count

Wondering what the magic number is for your reception guest count? The magic number is.... More!