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Quick Tip

Quick Tip - The Bar

SHUTTING DOWN THE BAR..... can increase the number of guests who dance at your reception. Check out this quick video to find out why!

Quick Tip - How Long Your Reception Should Last

Want to plan the perfect reception? The length of the night is a big part of making your event a success. Check out this quick tip on how long your reception should last. Find more tips here.

Quick Tip - Uplighting

Not all lighting is created equal. Know the important questions to ask to get the most out of your uplighting.

Quick Tip - Individual vs. Company

Does your DJ company have a good roster or just one shining star? Be sure to look into your DJ company's reviews to determine if they are a good match for your event, whether DJ #1 shows up or DJ #9.

Quick Tip - Guest Count

Wondering what the magic number is for your reception guest count? The magic number is.... More!