event lighting options for all occasions


No matter what the event type, we have a solution to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.




Our uplighting is extremely popular with events of all types. They are a huge hit at weddings because we have the ability to remotely change what the uplights are doing. We can go from a soft color in the cocktail and dinner portion of the night straight into a slow fade or sound activated color chase for the dance floor. Corporate events love that we can project their company colors on the walls. And few things spruce up a private party better. Plus they’re battery powered, so no unsightly cables.

Custom monograms

Add a signature flair to a wall or a dance floor with a custom monogram. Whether it is your initials for a wedding or a company logo, these lights will set you apart from the rest.

pin spots

You spend so much money on decorations and then they end up in the dark for half of your event once the dance floor opens. Not anymore! These magnetized little lights pack a punch and will keep your centerpieces, cake table and decorations bright all night.

intelligent lighting

What better way to get people moving than with moving lights? These roving spots can create an awesome dance floor experience, spotlight an introduction or cake table and create a cool ambiance for cocktail hours.


37686759_6111026958688_7232335476009467904_n (1).png

Our orbs are extremely versatile lights. They can be used as modern centerpieces, float around at a pool party or hang from the ceiling. They can be left on a stationary color, fade through colors or flash different colors for any atmosphere you need.

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