You want a dj that knows how to read the dance floor


mike was the perfect dj for colleen and eric. he guided the formalities all the way into the dance floor and then unleashed a musical force that the guests loved!

As mix DJs, we have the ability to navigate the night in whatever way the dance floor requires. We could go from a 70’s funk classic into a current Bruno Mars hit and not lose a beat. Keeping the energy building is a huge key to dance floor success. Here’s a couple other tips to keep your dance floor filled:

  • As the bride and groom, you are the guests of honor. Wherever you are, other people will want to be, too.

  • Get the bridal party in on the action.

  • Sift through our list of the Top 200 wedding songs for tracks that you like. People want to dance to songs they know and love.

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