elite can lights // $35 per  fixture

features // 

Elite Sounds lighting cans offer a twist to the traditional up lighting that we all wish to see at our events. This unique lighting is wireless, and offers an incredibly small footprint to ensure your venues aesthetics remain intact. While your guests won’t notice the physical light itself, we guarantee the look it creates will have a lasting impact on them as they remember your party as one of the best they have ever attended.

Unlike standard up lighting, Elite Cans will create a “v shaped” texture to your walls for a more customized look seldom seen in Kansas City. During cocktails, dinner and formalities, let us program a soft amber color that resembles an intimate candle like look. As we open up your dance floor, with a click of a button, we will use our cans to transform your room to a more party appropriate atmosphere causing your guests to jump out of their seats and find their way to the dance floor!

We all agree that the music we play for cocktails and dinner needs to be drastically different than what we play for dancing, but don’t forget that the look of your room during these times has just as much of an impact on the success of the night. Click the button above to set a quick call with us and be sure to check out the video to see them in action! We will talk you through the best options to fit your budget and more specifically, your venue. Can’t wait to hear from you!