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Top 100 Most Requested DO NOT PLAY Songs Requested For Weddings (2018)

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You’re in charge of giving your DJ the perfect playlist for your upcoming reception. Will the songs you picked tank, or bring the masses to the dance floor? It’s a struggle every bride and groom face as they prepare for the big day. Just know if you are working with Elite Sounds, we will guide this process for you to ensure that your list is on point and sure to please the masses. How do we know what will work? We have literally entertained tens of thousands of people over the years and have seen the good, the bad, and the worst :)

Speaking of the worst……we have attached a list of the TOP 100 MOST REQUESTED DO NOT PLAY SONGS for weddings. How did these become the Most Requested Do Not Plays you ask? They are calculated from millions of requests made from brides and grooms as they plan their reception music.

Now, if you find some of your favorite songs on the list DON’T WORRY!! There are some tracks on here that you’ll see on the Top 100 Most Requested Playlist as well. Many couples hear the same songs over and over at weddings they attend, then when they get engaged, they decide to completely break the mold and go against the wedding music status quo; eliminating wedding standards from their list. Just know that a lot of these do not plays actually work! But, many are also seen as extremely cheesy and cliche. Whatever you choose, as long as your guests are participating, and the overall vibe fits your style, then everything will be okay ;)

As always, if you would like to talk through your playlist in more detail or need anything else entertainment related, we are a phone call away.

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