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Mike + Julie Storytellers Reviews Elite Sounds

If you want an authentic representation of your wedding day, MIKE + JULIE storytellers are your go-to photographers.

We love working together with Mike and Julie with their quirky, easy-going approach. When we are allowed to execute our timeline and let the dance floor build unhindered, we both win. Elite wins with an awesome and well managed party and Mike and Julie win with real, in-the-moment photos that their clients love them for.

Black Coffee Photo Co. Reviews Elite Sounds

We've had the pleasure of working with Black Coffee Photo Co. and thoroughly enjoyed it! Nicole and Adri are easy to coordinate with and help us keep the night moving. They have a unique style and stick to their guns, while capturing the day the way their clients want.

To learn more or get in contact with Black Coffee Photo Co. head over to

Jenna Berthelsen of Foundation Event Space Reviews Elite Sounds

We've been the in-house DJ at Foundation Event Space for a couple years now and we couldn't be happier with the partnership that we've developed. Jenna, Chad and Rebekah (of Foundation and River Market Event Place) make running venues look easy. But we've seen behind the curtain and we know that they're some of the hardest working people in the business. Big thanks to all of you for making events easier, exciting and successful!

To learn more about or get in contact with Foundation Event Space visit

Pat Galvin of 2016 Main Reviews Elite Sounds

We want to thank 2016 Main Event Space for allowing us the opportunity to entertain their couples year after year! Not only is this an amazing venue to hold your wedding reception, but the owners, Pat & Jodi (of Jodi Vander Woude Photography), are two of the most fun people you will ever meet. We recently sat down with Pat as he talks about his experience in working events with Elite Sounds. To learn more about 2016 Main, visit Thanks Pat!

Schedule a time to come in and talk over your wedding with us! Whether you are having your event at 2016 Main or elsewhere, we have the experience needed to make your event the best it can be. And if you are booked with 2016 Main, enjoy our special in-house rate! Click Book A Consultation below.

Stephanie Hopkins of Pretty + Planned Events Reviews Elite Sounds

Stephanie Hopkins of Pretty + Planned Events has been in the business for 10 years and it shows! If you are looking for a detail-oriented planner for your wedding day, you definitely want to give her a call.

To learn more or get in contact with Pretty + Planned head over to

Aaron Barksdale-Burns of Californos Reviews Elite Sounds

Working together with Californos comes so naturally to us. I'm sure it has something to do with their knowledge of the wedding industry and professionalism to make every event a success. Here's what head coordinator Aaron Barksdale-Burns had to say on the subject.

To learn more or get in contact with Californos go to

The Grays Photography Reviews Elite Sounds

Briana and Phil Gray of The Grays Photography have been documenting weddings in KC for the past 8 years. They invited us out to their space to tell us how working together on events helps us both out. Thanks you two!

To learn more or get in contact with The Grays Photography go to

Jason Domingues Photography Reviews ESEG

The one-of-a-kind Jason Domingues retells his experience of working with Elite Sounds.

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