Over 1000 Couples Have Chosen Elite Sounds....Let's Chat So You Can See Why

Attention spans are at a record low these days.  Because of this, it is not uncommon for couples to consider multiple entertainment options for their receptions to keep guests involved and having a great time until the end of the night.  

We want your guests to have as much fun as you do, but it’s important to remember that more entertainment is not always the right answer.  Some of our brides and grooms spread multiple forms of entertainment throughout the night, throughout the venue and span all age ranges. Some of these additions include cigar rollers, yard games, photo booths outside, DJ-led participation games, so on and so forth.  All great ideas, as long as they are not affecting your overall goals.

Most of our couples tell us that a packed dance floor is one of their top priorities, if not the most important aspect of the night. If you want a successful dance floor then don’t spread your guests attention all over the venue. Let the focal point be the dance floor.  If you decide to book a photo booth too, great! Can you place it in a relative area close to the dance floor?  If so, do it!  This will help to keep all of your guests gathered in the same area which will increase participation on your dance floor ten fold.  This is the same for bars in the venue as well.  Over the years, we have realized that venues that have bars closer to the dance floor typically have better parties.  Why?  Because guests are all gathered collectively in the same area.

Being cautious of these decisions, along with the bride and groom (and the bridal party) on the floor will multiply the success of your dance floor more than you can imagine.  Your dance floor will be packed, and your guests won’t be divided up throughout the night.  

Obviously, hiring a DJ that fits your style and musical preferences needs to be paired with this for dance floor success. But when you have an effective timeline, a worthy facilitator and great music you don’t need to think too far outside of the box for your guest’s to have a great night to remember.