The Bouquet Toss. An old tradition that comes from England. To try and obtain some of the bride’s good fortune, women used to rip pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers. I can smell the desperation from here. I guess it didn’t occur to these women to just try and be tolerable to one person out of the 7 billion options. So to escape their grab-happy guests, women would toss their bouquet and run away... Like a grenade.

As tradition worthy as that mess sounds, a lot of brides are steering away from the bouquet toss. Some of your uber-traditional wedding guests may be shocked but chances are they’re older and wouldn’t be able to participate anyway. And those single women that can participate often have to be forced to the dance floor to endure the occasion awkwardly. Who’s really winning here?

By all means, if you have been dreaming of tossing the bouquet at your wedding since you were a little girl, then do it! It is your day and if you want to hurl a batch of flowers, the choice is yours.

Looking for a reasonable medium? Consider giving the bouquet to the next couple at your wedding that is arranged to be married. Or you could do an Anniversary Dance and give the bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest. Or to avoid the single women awkwardness, just invite ALL of your female guests to the dance floor. Toss it and give the winner a nice bottle of wine.

Ultimately, this formality is a personal preference. Whether you want to go old-school, revamp it or boot it. Do what suits you and your guests best. It is what you make it.