You’re working your way through your wedding checklist. It’s stressful. We get it, but even so, we want to make sure you are considering a few items as you search for that perfect DJ company.

No matter what your budget is there are some things you should always consider when hiring your entertainment. One of the most important is their emergency backup plan.

Accidents happen. No one in any business is immune to something going wrong. People get sick. Cars wreck. Equipment fails. It’s just the nature of the beast. But where your DJ company should be separating themselves from the pack is in the way they handle emergencies. Be sure to ask the right questions. What happens if your DJ is sick on the day of? What happens in the event of equipment malfunction? What is the backup plan?

At Elite Sounds, we have 8 DJs with experience ranging from 5-20 years. None of us are wet-behind-the-ear-newbies. And all of our DJs are active. We aren’t bringing Father Time out of retirement to play the Hokey Pokey at your reception. Each of our DJs is up to date with what is happening in the KC wedding scene and in the national music scene.

We encourage you to check out our reviews on The Knot. We are a company comprised of successful DJs with great past client reviews!  Not a company with one or two all stars and then a bunch of duds. We are a group of well-established, collaborative DJs that grow our skills together. As you scroll through the reviews, notice how many different DJs are mentioned. When you are looking through other DJ company reviews, be sure and keep an eye out. They may have 100 five star reviews, but is there only one or two people out of a staff of 5 or 10 being mentioned in every review that you see? If so, you better hope that you aren’t paired with the others that aren’t getting any kudos.  You know nothing about them!  They’re riding the coattails of the others!

If something were to go wrong at your event (knock on wood), we always have a DJ that is unbooked when we have events happening. They are “on-call”. Ready with your special songs, timeline and requests to take over like nothing ever happened.

In fact, here is a review that we received several years ago when one of our DJs ended up in the hospital and not able to be at Lisa & Joe’s reception as planned:

Our backup DJ is also prepared for equipment malfunctions. We have multiple complete DJ setups at our office in the crossroads, packed and waiting to be hauled out.

So know your DJ company’s back-up plan and roster. Hire a company you trust, not just an individual. Once you do, it is one less thing you have to worry about.