Wondering what direction to take the night musically? Here is a little insight on how to work together with your DJ to make your reception better than all of your friends’!  :)

Look at the night in 3 different parts and make requests that fit in each one:

1st Part:  This is after the ceremony has concluded and all of your guests are making their way to the bar for cocktails.  This time of the night should be FUN!!  You can help with this by picking out fun music.  No Enya or super slow jams here......we want guests experiencing an upbeat vibe that makes them want to stay out of their seats, mingle, and drink!  Now, we definitely don’t expect them to rage on the dance floor either so your track selection should be those which have a great energy, represent your personality as a couple, but would most likely never get used for the dancing part of the night.  

Example Cocktail Playlist

As cocktails conclude, and we begin the dinner portion of the night dial it back a notch.  Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis or maybe even acoustic versions of some of your favorites can be used to create the vibe that fits this time of night and the branding of your wedding.

Example Dinner Playlist

2nd Part:  This is the part of the night where we open up the dance floor but there is a lack of inebriation on your guests part.   This is where you want to think about throwing in some Motown and Classic party tracks that everyone knows.  Some of your older guests will respond well to these tracks and it gives you, as the bride and groom, a chance to spend time with them on the dance floor!  You can thank us later after seeing your amazing dance pics with Aunt Carol!

3rd Part:  When guests are on their 15th glass of your signature cocktail and they feel like they will live forever, you have reached the 3rd part of the night.  This is where you want to consider some of your more hip hop and house influenced tracks that typically caterer to the younger audience.  Turn Down For What, Get Low.....you get the picture.  Throwbacks and sing-a-longs will also get the job done so be sure to give them the props they deserve by including them in your playlist as well.

While thinking about your reception in 3 different parts will help you in selecting the right mix of music, it won’t guarantee a packed dance floor.  ONLY THE BRIDE, GROOM, AND WEDDING PARTY can guarantee that.  You are the guests of honor.  Your guests are there to spend time with you, and they will likely do that on the dance floor if you lead them there. Let us help you get there.