Black Coffee Photo Co. Reviews Elite Sounds

We've had the pleasure of working with Black Coffee Photo Co. and thoroughly enjoyed it! Nicole and Adri are easy to coordinate with and help us keep the night moving. They have a unique style and stick to their guns, while capturing the day the way their clients want.

To learn more or get in contact with Black Coffee Photo Co. head over to

Jenna Berthelsen of Foundation Event Space Reviews Elite Sounds

We've been the in-house DJ at Foundation Event Space for a couple years now and we couldn't be happier with the partnership that we've developed. Jenna, Chad and Rebekah (of Foundation and River Market Event Place) make running venues look easy. But we've seen behind the curtain and we know that they're some of the hardest working people in the business. Big thanks to all of you for making events easier, exciting and successful!

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Pat Galvin of 2016 Main Reviews Elite Sounds

We want to thank 2016 Main Event Space for allowing us the opportunity to entertain their couples year after year! Not only is this an amazing venue to hold your wedding reception, but the owners, Pat & Jodi (of Jodi Vander Woude Photography), are two of the most fun people you will ever meet. We recently sat down with Pat as he talks about his experience in working events with Elite Sounds. To learn more about 2016 Main, visit Thanks Pat!

Schedule a time to come in and talk over your wedding with us! Whether you are having your event at 2016 Main or elsewhere, we have the experience needed to make your event the best it can be. And if you are booked with 2016 Main, enjoy our special in-house rate! Click Book A Consultation below.

Kelly & Dan Review Elite Sounds

When we partnered up with Kelly & Dan for their wedding reception at Californos the party just wouldn't quit! Mixing their musical tastes in with our dance floor know-how made for a truly unique reception.

Ugly Sweater Party

Now is your chance to book entertainment for your holiday party. Whether you are doing an ugly sweater party or a classy cocktail party, we have what your party needs. Contact us today to reserve your date before we're all booked up!

A Legendary Dance

You and your friends will be talking about this year's dance for years to come when you book with Elite Sounds. Modern club-style music, intelligent lighting and a photo booth combine for the full experience that you deserve. Contact us today to collaborate and make your dance an event of legend.

Kris & Brooke Review Elite Sounds

DJ Todd Howerton came through in a big way for Kris & Brooke. Their reception at 2016 Main was coordinated to the tee and filled with happy memories and a dance floor that just would not quit.

Holiday Entertainment

Want to throw a holiday party that's more than a chance for your employees to drink for free? Together, we can create an experience. Our team of DJ's and event specialists have worked with some of KC's top corporations to design events that represent each brands' mission and commitment to its employees.

Jenna & Kyle Review Elite Sounds

Meet Jenna & Kyle. DJ Tim Yach paired up with them to put on an unforgettable reception at Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza.

Taking Your Fundraising Event to the Next Level

Are you looking for fundraising ideas for your next fundraising event? Wondering how to raise money? We can help. You could do a themed party, a charity auction or even a high class cocktail hour. Take a quick peek at a recent fundraising event we did for Midwest Animal ResQ . They went with an 80's theme, put on an auction, had a photo booth, up lighting and a DJ. Whatever you decide we have the music to set your party off. Whether we are creating a vibe to chill to or celebrating and letting loose. Give us a call and we can talk about how we can work together to make your event a success.

Back to School

The school year is here and we have you covered from your Back to School Dance all the way to Prom.

Ashley & Shawn Review Elite Sounds

Ashley and Shawn had a beautiful wedding at Grand Street. They were a delight to work with and wanted to share their experience with us. Thank you both!

Quick Tip - Uplighting

Not all lighting is created equal. Know the important questions to ask to get the most out of your uplighting.

Stephanie Hopkins of Pretty + Planned Events Reviews Elite Sounds

Stephanie Hopkins of Pretty + Planned Events has been in the business for 10 years and it shows! If you are looking for a detail-oriented planner for your wedding day, you definitely want to give her a call.

To learn more or get in contact with Pretty + Planned head over to

The Elite Sounds Photo Booth

Not only is our Photo Booth small enough to fit into any venue, it is also packed with tons of great features that leaves you with high quality images and your guests with a smile on their face! Contact us today for more information.

Lighting Your Event With Orbs

Are you looking for something to set your event’s aesthetics apart from the rest? Our Orbs do just that.

They can be used in multiple settings. You can put them in the pool for a modern pool party. You can use them to decorate a patio for a cocktail hour or an outdoor event. They can be strung from the ceiling in any formation you want. Like a dance floor ceiling or an arch over a stage. If the event is more party oriented they can even be used as centerpieces. We can hang them or place them for any scenario that you are inspired to create.

The functionality of the orbs also allows for various vibes to be achieved. You can program them to any color you like and leave them. Or if it is more of a roam and mingle event, you can set them to a slow fade to create an atmosphere that ebbs and flows. If it is a straight up dance floor situation, you can even let them snap from color to color, raising the energy of that space.

For more information on how the Orbs can be utilized at your event contact us now!

Styled Shoot Sponsors
Lighting - Elite Sounds Entertainment - @elitesounds

Photo - Brianne Elizabeth Photography - @brianneelizabethphoto
Venue - Westin Crown Center - @thewestincrowncenter
Planner - Quintessential Events - @quintessentialeventskc
Dresses - Fabulous Frocks of Kansas City - @fabulousfrocksofkc
Jewelry - Helzberg Diamonds - @helzbergdiamonds
Make-up and Hair - White Carpet Bride - @whitecarpetbride
Florist - Michael Stringer
Models - @arielle.kc and @pattycakes2494
Suits - Todd's Clothiers & Tailor Shop

Quick Tip - Individual vs. Company

Does your DJ company have a good roster or just one shining star? Be sure to look into your DJ company's reviews to determine if they are a good match for your event, whether DJ #1 shows up or DJ #9.

Why More Entertainment Doesn’t Always Mean Better Entertainment

Over 1000 Couples Have Chosen Elite Sounds....Let's Chat So You Can See Why

Attention spans are at a record low these days.  Because of this, it is not uncommon for couples to consider multiple entertainment options for their receptions to keep guests involved and having a great time until the end of the night.  

We want your guests to have as much fun as you do, but it’s important to remember that more entertainment is not always the right answer.  Some of our brides and grooms spread multiple forms of entertainment throughout the night, throughout the venue and span all age ranges. Some of these additions include cigar rollers, yard games, photo booths outside, DJ-led participation games, so on and so forth.  All great ideas, as long as they are not affecting your overall goals.

Most of our couples tell us that a packed dance floor is one of their top priorities, if not the most important aspect of the night. If you want a successful dance floor then don’t spread your guests attention all over the venue. Let the focal point be the dance floor.  If you decide to book a photo booth too, great! Can you place it in a relative area close to the dance floor?  If so, do it!  This will help to keep all of your guests gathered in the same area which will increase participation on your dance floor ten fold.  This is the same for bars in the venue as well.  Over the years, we have realized that venues that have bars closer to the dance floor typically have better parties.  Why?  Because guests are all gathered collectively in the same area.

Being cautious of these decisions, along with the bride and groom (and the bridal party) on the floor will multiply the success of your dance floor more than you can imagine.  Your dance floor will be packed, and your guests won’t be divided up throughout the night.  

Obviously, hiring a DJ that fits your style and musical preferences needs to be paired with this for dance floor success. But when you have an effective timeline, a worthy facilitator and great music you don’t need to think too far outside of the box for your guest’s to have a great night to remember.

Aaron Barksdale-Burns of Californos Reviews Elite Sounds

Working together with Californos comes so naturally to us. I'm sure it has something to do with their knowledge of the wedding industry and professionalism to make every event a success. Here's what head coordinator Aaron Barksdale-Burns had to say on the subject.

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